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Sunday School at First Church

First United Methodist has an outstanding Sunday School program for children and adults. Sunday School classes provide a place where people learn about the Christian faith in a loving, friendly environment.

All groups meet at 9:30 a.m.  

Information about various classes is listed below. 

Children's Classes 

First Church provides classes for all children, toddlers through fifth grade.

Each class uses Bible-based curriculum taught by a team of dedicated volunteer teachers. Our primary goal is to help our kids learn to love the foundational stories of our faith, and to learn to put their faith into practice.

The nursery/pre-school class is on level 2.

The Can-Do-Kids class (1-5th) is on a mezzanine between levels 2 & 3.


Youth Class

Keeping 6-12th graders involved is a priority at First Church!

Through innovative, interactive, and often web-based studies, our youth build upon the stories they learned as children.  This can be a time for questioning and stretching one's beliefs, all within the safety of strong and loving class of peers, and led by well grounded teachers.  

The youth meet on level 3.

Adult Classes 

There are three on-going adult classes available, with occasional short-term classes offered throughout the year.

The Mixed-Adult Class has senior status at First Church.  These elders of the church have been gathering and studying and praying and offering mutual support for years, providing an incredible witness to the rest of the faith community.

They meet in the Parlor on level 1.

The New Spirit Class is the point of entry for many newcomers to First Church.  With shared lay leadership, the topics for this group range from in-depth Bible studies, to heated discussions on "faith and politics".  Religious authors and their works are often read for short-term sessions.  Once a month, this class prepares and donates a Sunday lunch for the 50 folks at the local mission.

This class meets in the Fellowship Hall on level B.

The Expressions of Faith Class is often led by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Carolyn Nettles.  This group of adults of all ages enjoys exploring the many ways people of faith throughout the world live out their beliefs --- in worship, in meditation, in service.

This class meets on level 3.


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